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We're update! New design, new referral system, new Coins Box!
Hello friends! On the eve of the New Year, we have prepared for you some pleasant innovations. The first, we completely reworked and Russified the design of the site, it has become more modern, pleasant and informative. Account section has become intuitive and easy to use from both desktop and mobile devices. Secondly, we launched a new referral system. Now you get an instant reward of 10% from each deposit of your referrals. The remuneration is charged automatically at the moment of opening by your referral of the deposit and you can immediately use it to open your own deposit (reinvest) or withdraw to your e-wallet. At the same time, the referral deposit is “frozen” and cannot be withdrawn earlier than in 30 days. Interest on all deposits and referral fees from them are charged according to the tariff plan, as before. Thus, an active investor is guaranteed to receive 30% of referral income. We continue to work on improving the service for you. Stay with us! Sincerely, your Coins Box team.
Do not forget to fill in the addresses of the wallets for payments!
Dear users! We kindly request! Do not forget to fill in the fields in your personal account, indicating the numbers of the wallets to which you would like to receive payments. This will eliminate disruptions and delays in payments. Thank you for understanding.
All are welcome to come, join and explore our website.
All are welcome to come, join and explore our website. We have worked diligently to create the ultimate platform for investment. When launching our website, we have therefore gone to great lengths to meet our users in a way that is easy and accessible.